Sound Advice

How to maximise sound quality:

• Safety First: Make sure all components are switched off and unplugged before (dis)connecting!

• Use a decent hifi rack and a separate shelf per component to isolate their power-supplies (source of electro-magnetic interference). Vibration-absorbing shelves offer phenomenal performance.

•Use a separate wall plug or power- conditioner (not extension leads) and decent power leads per component.

• Use quality speaker cables, interconnects and digital leads as they reduce radio frequency interference (RFI) and other contaminants from distorting your music.

• Separate power cables from speaker/interconnects cables.

The more efficient your speakers are, the lower your amplifier’s power need be. 4 things to remember when installing speakers:


• Whatever you do to one stereo speaker, do the same to the other. EG: keep both speakers equidistant from the rear wall, at the same height and use the same cable lengths for both.

• Bass boom masks fine treble detail. Find your rooms (acoustic) position by placing both speakers against the wall. Listen, move both into the room and repeat until an ideal balance of bass and treble is found.

• Next place your loudspeakers far apart from each other, forming an equilateral triangle between speakers and listening seat. Listen, move them closer together, adhering to the distance from wall found above & repeat until the best holographic image is found.

• Stability improves bass. Place a  spirit level on top of your speaker, adjust spikes until stable. Avoid corners (except for subwoofers)