Metrum Acoustics Pavane (DAC)



Metrum Acoustics has, in a short period of time, become the DAC meister. The only NOS (non over-sampling) dac in its price-range and the only dac capable of producing an analogue sound comparable to a turntable. When designing the flagship, the Pavane, the brief was to make the BEST dac Possible?

It was an unprecedented challenge!!  Existing chipsets were below par and below the standard of their industrial chipset which peaked in the Hex. So a new chipset had to be engineered.

The result: A parallel driven R2R ladder network  comprising eight DAC modules controlled via a FPGA-driven “forward correction module”. This module splits the audio samples for each channel into 2  new data streams, 1 per channel. Each cluster is “tuned’ to process data where it is at its most linear. The result? The most linear dac Metrum has produced, measuring -140 dB which gives the Pavane a realistic 24 bit dynamic range. Due to the dual mono design over the entire frequency range, an extremely high channel separation of 120 dB is realized.

The Pavane is the culmination of more than 2 decades of digital knowledge using bespoke chipset. It is musical, honours the Non-oversampling principle and is the current state of the art.



440 x 320 x 85mm


.01 THD

Frequency Response

1hz – 20Khz 44.1 khz sampling and 1hz -65khz 192 & 384Khz sampling


AES, RCA x 2, Toslink, USB




45VA via 3 torodial transformers


NOS non oversampling