Esprit Cables are nearly 3 decades old and are made in France. All cables are entirely made by hand, using the finest electrical components.

They refrain from gold or rhodium to glorify aesthetics because they are poor electrical conductors. The following points are found across all ranges:
1.They use 99.99% pure copper with complex insulating structures.
2.The insulators from the Eterna range and beyond are polarized to make them more efficient.
3.All connectors are proprietary.
4.Banana plugs are solid silver.
5. RCA plugs are pure copper with 40 microns of silver plating.
6.All products undergo 1000s of listening hours during development.
7.They have a very wide bandwidth without treble or bass ‘lifts’.

IACS standard is:
copper = 100% conductivity
Silver 107%
gold 64%
brass 28%

Please Note: In 1913 the IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) placed Copper as the reference (100% conductive). All materials are measured against this reference. The only material to surpass Copper in terms of conductivity and heat behavior is Silver with a quote of 106 to 108%.
Pls see:

– An ideal conductor would have a resistance of 0 µohm/cm.
– Our conductors: Silver, rated at f 1,59 µohm/cm and Copper : 1,67 µohm/cm
– Conductors we don’t use: Gold 2,35 µohm/cm, and rhodium : 4,51 µohm/cm…

Please not that silver, even when oxydated, remains the most electrical conductive material on earth. Copper does not and becomes insulating…

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