Founded in 1975  Chario is proudly Italian and use traditional craftmanship and modern engineering in their loudspeakers.  A combination of real wood and HDF (high density fibreboard) is used to create beautiful  cabinets that don’t only look good, but more importantly sound great. One material alone does not produce the desired results. HDF (high density fibreboard) is a composite material chosen for it’s isotropic behavior (dispersing energy in every direction within its fibers) and solid wood (orthotropic-lower losses) dovetailed in jointed slats, is chosen for structural rigidity (you can’t joint MDF or HDF). Deploying natural wood fiber coupled on orthogonal planes, allows us to utilize the best characteristics of both materials. This endoskeleton damps the mechanical vibrations induced by the woofer, confining it within the cabinet.

Chario use excellent engineering and exotic materials

because exceptional results are the consequence of great design


Chario Tweeters (treble)

Neodymium: world’s strongest permanent magnet
Soft dome: renders fine detail in a pure luxuriant way
• ≥1270HZ (≥1500 Constellation): extra wide-frequency response eliminates audible transition between bass and treble to deliver one sound from 2 drivers                                                                                                                                                                                                                           • No-Ferrofluid: longevity is assured because there is no ferrofluid failure (leaking & congealing)

Chario Woofers (bass)

• Rohacell® : super light & strong means it reacts quickly and does not flap about (“Flapping” describes inharmonic-distortion due to cone deformation)
• PolyRingTM: small (neodymium) discs in a daisy formation around the voice-coil increases the air gap which cools the voice coil and prevents compression by avoiding sound pressure materializing here
• Full ApexTM: low frequency transients are preserved due to a monocoque cone without an Apex hole and dust cap

Chario Cabinets

• Smart cabinets: HDF skeleton structure (isotropic-high friction losses) with real wood outer panels (orthotropic-lower losses) de-correlates negative vibrations from the drive-units acting on the cabinets, an otherwise major source of distortion
• Corian® (Belong series) Withstands high pressure and inertia yielding a Quiet-Cabinet. It does not hum along with the music.
• Craftsmanship: 43 years of experience assures the materials have a 2 fold advantage. They improve performance whilst creating rich, luxurious, tactile loud-speakers.